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Flood Damaged Vehicles

Written by Marty Walt.

Flood damaged cars can pose a serious safety risk for an unsuspecting victim, not to mention the financial and emotional toll. Because this continues to be a widespread problem every year, CARSTAR focuses new attention on the serious hazards associated with these vehicles.


Do recent natural disasters have you worried?

Written by Marty Walt.

Recent natural disasters across the country might (or should) have you wondering if you'd be protected if you found yourself in the same situation. In insurance, a peril is an exposure to an event that may cause damage to your home. Homeowners insurance covers the most common perils one would probably be exposed to in owning a home. Fire, lightning and internal explosion (like a furnace exploding) are examples of perils covered on most homeowners insurance policies. However, there are other perils that one may want coverage for.


College Bound? Personal Property Insurance is Important - Find Out Why!

Written by Marty Walt.

If you have a child who is college bound you may have considered their health insurance needs but have you considered their need for property insurance? Among the usual items such as books and clothes, today's college students also have a laptop computer, cell phone, MP3 player, television, high end bicycle, etc. That's a lot of expensive property that needs protecting. The likelihood of theft or fire damage is high. You can make sure your child's property is protected with personal property insurance or renters insurance. The policy can be tailored specifically for your child's situation. To ensure that your child's possessions are adequately covered. Contact us today to find out how to get the coverage you need.


Tips to Reduce Theft of Personal Property While Away At College

Written by Marty Walt.

The Insurance Information Institute Inc. offers these four easy ways to reduce the odds that a laptop or other personal property will mysteriously disappear while you student is at school:

  1. Always lock doors. Even if you are just going down the hall to the bathroom or to visit dorm mates, lock your room and keep the keys with you.
  2. Leave expensive jewelry at home. Don't risk losing fine jewelry or other sentimental items to a thief. For most students, it's probably wiser to leave such valuables at home.
  3. Engrave electronic items. Computers, televisions and stereos should be engraved with an identifying number such as your driver's license number and the state where your family lives. This will help police track any stolen items.
  4. Don't leave belongings unattended. Nipping off for a study-break latte and leaving your computer notebook in a library carrel is just the kind of opportunity a thief is looking for.

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