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19 States Approve ISO’s Telematics-Based Auto Rating Tool

Written by Marty Walt.

gps-mapI'd like to take a second and explain why this article is potentially significant. Currently, insurance companies that offer the GPS tracking device discounts aren't getting the response from the public nor some of the agencies they had hoped for. This attempt breaks things down to normal usage (work location and home location) and eliminates what many construed as privacy issues from the GPS device. This program hasn't been implemented by anyone yet that I know of, but if Insurance Services Organization (ISO) is going to all this trouble, it is likely coming to the industry in the near future...

Insurance technical and policy services organization ISO said it has filed its first vehicle telematics-based rating rule with insurance regulators in 33 states and received approvals in 19 states.

The GeoMetric rating rule for use by insurers writing personal and commercial automobiles uses information collected via telematics to award discounts for vehicles operated in areas safer than where they are garaged. Using patent-pending systems and methods developed by ISO, the rule assesses the risk of an insured vehicle based on actual driving locations while respecting the privacy of the insured, according to ISO.


Cover Oregon approves 22 carriers to offer medical and dental plans

Written by Marty Walt.

Cover OregonOur plan for Choices Insurance Agency in relation to the following article, is to be an agency provider to help individuals navigate the system and options.

Cover Oregon has approved the health insurance carriers that will participate in its online marketplace – a key step in preparing for open enrollment in October.

Cover Oregon gave approval this week to 22 carriers that plan to offer individual, small employer, and dental plans. The plans themselves have not yet been reviewed or approved, and there are still many steps the carriers must follow to make their plans available this fall, but Cover Oregon expects it will provide a robust level of coverage choices to Oregonians.


Meet The Choices Team - Cindy

Written by Marty Walt.

Cindy JarvisWe'd like to introduce you to the next in our series of "Meet The Choices Team". Every month you'll be introduced to another Choices team member and we'll share with you a few details about them so you can get to know them better! This month we are pleased to introduce Cindy Jarvis. Cindy has been part of the Choices Insurance team for nine years. She is one of three team members who share two full time positions - talk about team work! At Choices Insurance we believe in work/life balance and this job share works out great for our team members.

Cindy Jarvis, has worked in the Insurance Industry for over 20 years. She has worked for Choices Insurance Agency and Marty Walt for 17 years, prior to that she was a Real Estate Agent.

Cindy said, "I really enjoy the Insurance Industry because creative problem solving and following thru with customers needs is very important and challenging. My focus is on helping people with their Insurance needs and problems and not on Sales. On the Personal side, I have been married for 30 yrs, have 2 children and 3 amazing grandchildren. My hobbies include camping, fishing, reading and cooking. Oh and of course playing with my Grandbabies!"

Hopefully, you've learned a bit more about Cindy. Next time you see her be sure to say hi!


Spring Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Home

Written by Marty Walt.

spring home maintenance checklistA home is one of life's most important investments. Keeping it properly maintained can help reduce the risk of a loss and help ensure the safety and well being of friends and family. Just in time for spring, we offer these maintenance tips to prepare your home for warmer weather and to keep it safe year-round:

Inspect your smoke detectors. Make sure that there is one on each floor of your home. Test them and change the batteries at least every six months, when you change your clocks.

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