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Property Reference Paper

reconstruction costA major challenge we have regarding Homeowners policies is explaining the difference between reconstruction cost and market value, and how reconstruction costs (and therefore premium) can be increasing even when market values are decreasing.

For homeowners, premium increases may seem counterintuitive. It's difficult to understand why they're paying more to protect a house that may have lost significant value. To help them understand what seems like counterintuitive pricing, we need to clarify two key concepts:

  1. Valuations are based on(including materials, labor, overhead, and profit), not on the home's appraised or market value.
  2. Material costs are based onWhen energy and building-material costs rise, the cost to reconstruct a home rises.

Motorcylists: Be Prepared and Protected

Written by Marty Walt.

Summer is around the corner and thoughts of riding around town on a motorcycle may have crossed your mind.

Whether you just bought a motorcycle or are a veteran rider, you might have a few questions about protecting your bike. What's liability insurance? Do I need Comprehensive insurance? How can I make sure my custom chrome is covered?

Here are some tips that can help you navigate your motorcycle insurance policy and feel confident you've made the decision that's right for you.


Understanding your insurance: personal or commercial?

Written by Marty Walt.

When you own an independent business or are self-employed, it can be confusing to determine which type of auto insurance is right for you — commercial or personal?

Whether or not you need a commercial policy depends on how you use your vehicle and what company you have it insured with. Every company has different guidelines and may surcharge for business-use coverage on a personal auto policy.

If you’re not sure whether business use is covered on your personal policy, it’s important to call your insurance agent. Here are four questions you might want to ask:


Five Tips for Managing Your Commercial Auto Insurance Costs

Written by Marty Walt.

As a business owner, you're accustomed to taking some risks, but taking risks with the insurance that covers your business vehicles is never a good idea.

You might think the right coverage can be pricey but, believe it or not, you can control some of your insurance costs. Let us offer these tips:

Monitor Your Employees' Driving Records — Driving records influence rates, so business owners should notify potential hires that they could review their Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs). Ask your local independent insurance agent for help with this. While a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) may not be required to operate your vehicle(s), you may find drivers who have them are more skilled and could qualify for pricing discounts.

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