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Meet The Choices Team - Lori

Written by Marty Walt.

Lori3We'd like to introduce you to the first in our series of "Meet The Choices Team". Every month you'll be introduced to another Choices team member and we'll share with you a few details about them so you can get to know them better! This month we are pleased to introduce Lori Herr. Lori has been part of the Choices Insurance team for nine years. She is one of three team members who share two full time positions - talk about team work! At Choices Insurance we believe in work/life balance and this job share works out great for our team members. 

On a personal note, Lori has been happily married for 29 years and has three grown children and a two year old grandaughter that she just adores. She loves crafts of all kinds and enjoys camping in the summer with family and friends.

Lori said, "My favorite part of this job is that I have become very familiar with many of the clients and know about their families/lives. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with them. In fact, I even recognize them out of context. I was in Rockaway, OR playing bingo (during a camping trip to Barview Jetty) and recognized one of our customers." Hopefully, you've learned a bit more about Lori and maybe you even share something in common. Next time you see her be sure to say hi! 


Pet Safety Travel Tips

Written by Marty Walt.

travelling with petsBringing the whole family on your next trip? As long your pets are healthy, with easygoing temperaments—and your vet gives the OK—they'll probably enjoy traveling with you. Follow these tips to help keep them safe and comfortable along the way:



Written by Marty Walt.

TailgatingToday we are going to talk about tailgating. And no, I don't me the fun past time activity prior to the start of a football game. No, today, we are going to talk about the other kind of tailgating. The oh so ridiculous activity that gets you nowhere other than in a wreck. You know the activity, probably all too well. When it's all you can do to not simply slam on your brakes and force the person behind me through your rear bumper. While we sometimes might feel that way, we all need to remember that no matter what we do, we can't really change other people's driving habits. Rather, all we can do is alter our own driving behavior to make sure that we are driving defensively.


Umbrella Policies - Why you might need it

Written by Marty Walt.

Umbrella PoliciesChances are you won't be sued for an automobile crash or an accident at your home that costs more than your liability insurance policy is willing to pay. But there is a type of insurance that can guarantee you won't be wiped out financially if that should happen.

Umbrella insurance policies, which offer additional liability insurance for claims exceeding your existing automobile or homeowner's insurance policies, are most commonly bought by wealthy individuals with substantial assets to protect.

But not-so-wealthy people also can benefit from the extra coverage if they own a home or condominium with a pool or trampoline, if they own a dog or if they have teenage drivers. If you own a home or condominium, it's definitely worth the time to look into getting one of these policies.

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